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Fallout Removal Project on this home in Jenison, MI

Fallout Removal Project on this home in Jenison, MI

We completed a house washing on this home in Jenison MI in September. During our pre-inspection walk around, we notified the homeowner that the dirty tinge under her eves and on her front porch was fallout. We explained to her that our normal house wash will not remove the fallout, but we offer fallout removal as a specialty service.

Fallout is an industry term for grease, oil, or mineral-based airborne matter that is deposited over time onto the siding of homes and buildings. Fallout usually occurs on the side of homes or buildings close to and facing a busy road. Fallout can occur in areas near industrial parks, factories, etc. Fallout will not be removed with alkaline-based cleaners or pressure washing alone. Fallout usually requires an acid-based cleaner with manual agitation. Over time if left uncleaned, Fallout can permanently damage vinyl siding. To help avoid fallout, be sure to rinse your home (under eaves and covered porches where rain does not hit.

When I arrived, I went over the removal process with the homeowner and we completed a test spot to determine the best chemical to use for the removal. We never 100% guarantee the removal of fallout, as the longer it sits, it can damage the siding. Most homeowners aren't aware of the age of their siding and typically do not know how long it's been since their home had been washed.

While this was an overcast day and the shadows were harsh, the after pictures below show a much brighter & whiter siding. Our customer was extremely satisfied with the house washing and fallout removal.

Location: Jenison, MI

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Client Review

House looks GREAT!

- George & Tracey K |

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