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House Washing and fall out on a busy road in Spring Lake MI

House Washing and fall out on a busy road in Spring Lake MI

This home in Spring Lake was dirty! It sits on a busy road and fallout has been a problem for the homeowner. We arrived at the home and did our inspection. During that walk around inspection, before starting the house washing I spoke to the homeowner regarding the fallout on her house.

Fallout is an industry term for grease, oil or mineral based airborne matter that is deposited over time onto the siding of your home. Fallout occurs on the side of homes close to and facing a busy road. Fallout will not be removed with soft washing or pressure washing alone. Fallout usually requires a acid based cleaner with manual agitation.

The homeowner opted not to have the fallout removed so we proceeded with the house washing as planned. The overall cleaning went well and the homeowner was happy with the brightness of the home and the removal of the organic matter on the north side of the home.

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