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House Washing in Fairhope AL

House Washing in Fairhope AL

Our customer knows the importance of a fresh clean home. We were glad he called us for his house washing needs. Living near the Gulf Coast, salt and moisture can reek havoc on a homes exterior. Moisture is a breading ground for algae! It is so important to keep the exterior clean, not only for your health but your curb appeal as well. The hardy board siding was covered in algae and we have the right equipment and biodegradable chemicals to take care of the job! In addition to the house wash, we also took care of his concrete sidewalk, paver sidewalk and the wooden walkway to his office.

It doesn't take power to clean a home, having the proper equipment and soaps and knowing the manufactured recommended techniques is key to obtaining a fresh clean home without damage. We apply our solution to the home with our professional soft wash system and let the soap work. Once the algae is dead, it turns brown and we are able to rinse it away with low pressure.

When we completed the house wash, our customer was very pleased! We always advise that at the first sign of algae you should prepare to have the home washed again as algae is a spreader and it moves quickly!

Location: Fairhope, AL

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