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House Washing in Holland MI

House Washing in Holland MI

Our customer called us a few weeks ago for a house washing estimate in Saugatuck, MI. The home belonged to his mother. He was so pleased with his moms house washing that he asked us to give him an estimate on washing his home. He received his estimate and booked the job! His home hadn't been washed since they've lived there (over 11 years).

We arrived yesterday to find his gorgeous home just off of the lake shore in Holland, MI in definite need of a house washing. He had algae growth on the north side of the home as well in the more shaded parts of the home, on the gutters, soffit and facia as well. He also had a an issue with spiders and spider droppings and spider webs.

We used our professional equipment and biodegradable soap solution to tackle it all. The home looked amazing when we were finished. All of the algae and spider debris were gone and it just brought a beautiful shine back to the vinyl siding. He asked how often he should have his house washed, and it's our recommendation to have it washed every year to every other year depending on the location and elements surrounding the home. Don't wait to have your home washed! Call us at the first sign of algae growth to prevent spread and keep your family healthy!

Location: Holland, MI

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