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RV Washing in Foley, AL

RV Washing in Foley, AL

At DK Wash Pros we never Power Wash your RV. We use our soft wash system to apply our proprietary soap solution and we hand brush the RV, then we will rinse it with low pressure (about the pressure of a garden hose). We offer a spray wax as well!

We were called to for an RV Washing in Foley AL. This RV has sat for years, because his mother passed away and COVID hit our lives.

Your RV is an investment. Keeping it clean and mold/mildew free is essential to protecting your investment. You must get rid of mold on the outside of your RV before it makes its way to the interior of your RV!

The first & most obvious reason for doing this is simply that these growths are unsightly, they can cause stains, and could even result in your RV being turned away from some campgrounds and RV parks.

However, there is a more serious reason for RV mold removal. Exterior mold and mildew, if left unchecked, could eventually sneak into cracks and crevices, making its way into the interior of your RV and cause sickness and RV rot.

The RV’s seen below remains in an area were moisture (humidity) are prevalent as seen by the amount of growth. Not only is it on the roof of the RV trailer. The airs moisture attracts the growth and this can happen in no time at all! Give us a call to get your RV washed and ready for your winter stay near the Gulf or your vacation in the woods! Either way, we are here to help get your RV clean and looking like new again!

Location: Foley, AL

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